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Living Large Online Community

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For less than the cost of dinner you can live vicariously through the words and actions of others.

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Addictions, Habits & Mind Shifts...

This is a community that has similar needs and wants so everyone benefits from the Zoom calls.

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Why You Should Join?

These are generalized hypnosis sessions where we help you overcome common things like anxiety, depression, fear, doubt, worry, procrastination and even sleep issues.

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  • Learn to make mental shifts for complete relaxation

  • Learn to sleep and relax on command

  • Bi-monthly live sessions

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    This is not a course.

    This is a sharing and caring community. You will soon know the difference.

  • Learn the difference of the conscious and sub-conscious mind

  • Learn the language of your subconscious so you can make changes faster in your life

  • You'll learn how to make your own hypnotic recordings

  • The basics of what self hypnosis is all about

  • Live guided hypnosis sessions included

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    Real testimonials.

    From People That Worked With Janet Large.

    “Before I trained with Janet, I was not confident in my abilities as a pitcher even though I was first sting at my high school as a freshman. I no longer pitch wildly to the seniors and have confidence my school work. My grades are improving.”  

    Hayden F.

    "....we love you...BECAUSE... your a motivator...a mover of the cob webs out of our brains...you encourage us to move into abundance, favor & blessings... AND you help us move our BUSINESS thinking INTO the GO...not NO! Thank you for all you DO! MUCHO HUGS! :)

    Christine F. Wine Distributor

    "Thanks Janet for the Life Changing Course helping me learn to use self hypnosis as a tool to handle whatever life throws my way. Calm and Relax and with a Plan and Big Hairy Audacious Goal, I feel like a new person!  On Wednesday evening I was having dinner with my daughter and we were disagreeing on something and rather than get upset, I told myself I was Calm and Relaxed and immediately felt happier. You are my heroine. Thanks! I highly recommend this course!

    Julie C. Realtor

    “When my doctor referred me to Janet to help with my weight loss I was apprehensive, then I learned there was absolutely nothing to fear. I have had so much success in managing the emotional problems surrounding my weight; the triggers and the deeper issues. I am very pleased with how my personal life and family life both changed because of my treatment with Janet. I have recommend several people to her and would attend her other programs without hesitation.”

    Chrissey A, Photographer

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