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“I recently completed the 8 week course developed & taught by Ms. Janet Large. It was truly an eye opening experience for me; never did I imagine that I could learn & immediately apply the many techniques that she thought.”

Linda M. Upshaw, M.I.T. 

Our process is simple and easy

Our simple process is 90% more effective than traditional therapy.


When you work with us we will show you the secrets of relaxing, so you can receive the benefits of your therapy.


We show you how to refine your beliefs and habits so you can manifest the life of your dreams.


You will finally be able to believe in yourself, trust in yourself and have faith that you can make the right decisions.

Success Center Services & Courses

Individualized private and group hypnotherapy consulting, coaching and other online programs.

Intake Session

You the client establishes what you want, how you want to react, and how you will know when you have achieved your goals. You will get a complete overview of the hypnosis process and experience an initial stress reduction session.

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Individual Sessions

Your package includes a 60 minute session 1-on-on with me plus two 15-minute progress discovery sessions on how you have improved and what still needs to be done.  Between each session, I spend 4 to 5 hours developing specific and individualized hypnotherapy programs to help you achieve your goals.

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How Does Janet Large Compare To The Competition

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Janet over all other services.

Unparalleled Value

I help you attain your goals in less time in less sessions.

Individualized Sessions

What makes me unique is that I listen to every word and then determine what's going to help you get the best result.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your ongoing consultations will assure you that you can be successful with your business, personal and emotional challenges.

Meet Janet Large, Certified Hypnotherapist

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What our clients are saying

Clients that choose us say only good words

“Working with Janet and Dr. Owens, in just 3 months my arm pain is completely gone and I increased my pitching speed to a range of 88 to 92 mph." 

Paul C

" Huh, who'd believe it, after 72 years of puffin'... the desire is completely gone."

Thomas F.

"....we love you...BECAUSE... your a motivator...a mover of the cob webs out of our brains...you encourage us to move into abundance, favor & blessings... AND you help us move our BUSINESS thinking INTO the GO...not NO! Thank you for all you DO! MUCHO HUGS! 

Christine F.

With her amazing warmth, and depth of knowledge and deep convictions of this process, Ms. Large was able to steer my thinking and feelings into a more productive and positive state. This is no easy task. I highly recommend the Life Enrichment Through Self-Hypnosis course and the numerous materials designed and produced by Ms. Janet Large."

Linda U

janet large

About Janet Large

Janet wanted to help people live happier, healthier, richer lives.  When she discovered that the subconscious mind was the key and that hypnosis was the simplest and fastest way to help people resolve their problems, she became a master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, and later certified as a medical hypnotherapist.

As The Living Large Success Center's founder and lead hypnotherapist, Janet does more than just basic hypnosis for weight loss and smoking cessation.  With 3 decades of teaching grades pre k-12 in special education and 3 years at the university level, she's obsessed with helping people change unwanted behaviours, phobias, fears, and thoughts.   She believes in creating amazing stories, metaphors, and mental adventures that are useful and effective in helping her clients achieve success.  Janet combines different modalities and techniques for each client she coaches.

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