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Hypnotherapy Packages

We help clients determine the best package that fits their financial and emotional needs based on the initial intake discussions. As a bonus, if you buy a package there is a payment plan.  Upon special requests the 12 session packages can be transferred to a family member with the extra charge of $187 for the additional intake session.  Sessions that are not completed in a 4 month period will require another intake consultation of $195 

Hypnotherapy Programs & Consulting Packages

Initial Intake Session

In this session, the client provides a case history of the circumstances, situations, events, or people that are creating challenges that are leading to unwanted emotional or behavioural reactions. I will then develop a scope and sequence of strategies, tools, techniques, and hypnotic protocols using suggestive therapy as the model

Individual Sessions

Sessions are 90 minutes and include a follow-up from the previous session or intake and suggestive therapy from a generalized stress reduction proprietary stress reduction line of hypnotherapy. 

Optional Package Session

Packages include 90 sessions with a 30-minute progress discovery of how events, situations, circumstances have improved and what still needs to be done.  Between each session, I spend 4 to 5 hours developing specific and individualized hypnotherapy programs to help the client achieve their goals.

Janet's Special 4, 8, & 12 Package Option

Packages provide the client time to learn the breathing techniques, track the behavioural and emotional changes they are learning, giving feedback and time to make necessary changes to the program to stay on target by implementing new goals and revising the plan as needed. 

Remarkable Mind Academy 

Habit change hypnotherapy program - Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, food cravings etc. It can be individuals, groups or corporations with employees facing health problems.

Online Community

Integrate Self Hypnotherapy In Your Life. Members can get hypnosis recordings from the library and or articles and videos that may be helpful for mental wellness for smoking, weight management, self-esteem, public speaking wealth building, procrastination, call reluctance, etc. These can be stand-alone recordings or used as extra tools in the larger packages.


Satisfaction Guarantee


I attended every class on time, and I did all the assignments on time. I read all the work on time; I practiced my self-hypnosis for 1 5 minutes daily. I submitted my weekly accomplishment sheets on time, and I got absolutely no success. I will refund you your money, no questions asked.  It has never happened in the three decades I have been practicing, but it is my guarantee.

  • 100 % money-back guarantee

  • You fill out your weekly accomplishment sheets and submit them on time

  • If you attend every class on time

  • You complete every assignment on time

  • Practice your self-hypnosis for 15 minutes every day

  • Listen to your nightly recordings  NIGHTLY.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this for?

    Hypnosis is best suited for people looking to invest in personal development programs or as a support tool for medical, counseling, mindfulness, and life coaching programs. Hypnosis takes the information you are learning in all your other programs to a deeper level. It helps to anchor them more rapidly into your subconscious mind, so the changes take place permanently.  

    What package should a beginner choose?

    The self-hypnosis package is for individuals or members of a sports team or business team seeking peak performance and synergy goals.  These people are ready to invest time and money to reach hidden creativity, wellness, and prosperity levels.   

    Self-hypnosis for workplace/corporate is an investment that can help improve employees’ business skills, productivity, sleep, and work-life balance, thus increasing your profits and revenues. 

    The self-hypnosis for workplace/corporate reduces overwhelm, multitasking stress, presenteeism, fear, doubt, and frustration, thus increasing your profits and revenues. 

    If you are looking for corporate/workplace hypnosis, make sure that you schedule the hypnosis time with your employees during regular staff meetings weekly, so everyone is in attendance and is not missing the sessions.  

    Are the sessions online or in person?

    I leave the online or in-person options up to my clients. Some clients prefer to travel to my office for in-person sessions. Others like the freedom and comfort to be in their own private space.  One is just as effective as the other.   

    Why do I need to invest in this

    You will prove to yourself that you can believe in yourself, trust yourself and have faith in yourself to achieve your highest potential with your unique gifts, skills, and talents. You ether invest in yourself or the government. It's up to you...

    How much time/effort do I need to commit?

    The self-hypnosis programs require you to set aside 15 minutes daily to practice, 30 minutes to listen to a recording nightly for 30 consecutive days, and one hour per week to complete the homework assignments, as well as attending the weekly sessions. You can take the course independently using the pre-recorded or hire me to work with your team weekly on Zoom, so you have hypnosis in real-time each session is 90 minutes a week.

    In the individual hypnotherapy plans, you will need to commit to a 90-minute weekly session designed to meet your specific needs.   A weekly commitment is necessary to achieve the goals.  You will not be successful if you sporadically attend the sessions.  

    If you purchase the online recordings, only get one or two until you have met your goal; more than that confuses the mind. Listen for 30 consecutive days or nights at bedtime to help you lock the new information into your mind.   


    In the self-hypnosis packages, you must be willing to spend time with yourself without excuses. You will need to practice a minimum of 15 minutes per day to get your mind to reach its potential and make the change. 


    You will have to be willing to give up something to go up.  What will it be? A television program, Facebook time, electronic games, visiting friends, going out to dinner? Before you decide to invest in a hypnosis program, be sure you are willing to invest in yourself with time.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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