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How Hypnosis

Can Benefit You?

How Can Hypnosis Change My Life?

Hypnosis is a time-tested, proven, relaxing experience that allows you to make positive changes to old habits. Unlike traditional therapies, hypnosis is a future focused therapy with the intent of anchoring new habits beliefs and behaviours directly into your subconscious mind. There are many different approaches to hypnotherapy but all are life-changing. Clients normally experience self-discovery and insights to their authentic self. Hypnosis allows the client to accept powerful new beliefs that allow them to focus on the joy of living. Through hypnotherapy my clients realize they no longer have to struggle against old habits that were keeping them stuck and unproductive. I need to tell you that going into hypnosis truly is a wonderful experience. 

What Hypnosis is NOT

  • You will not lose control

  • You will not pass out

  • You will not be unaware

  • You will not do crazy embarrassing things

  • You will not tell secrets

  • You will not do anything non-consensual

How Hypnotherapy Can Transform Your Life

Our style of hypnotherapy can also help you decrease or eliminate:

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Aggressive behaviors

  • Panic attacks